'Dominique' for Glorious Morning.. it was too good though, Singing Nun(1963) Toronto Sep 2 2009

This morning on my way work,
I kept whistling this song of 'Dominique'.. again and again..

when I was getting out of my condo..
when I walked down to Starbucks for my White Chocolate Mocha
when I was waiting for the subway at the platform..
untill I was reaching my shop to open..

I was whistling the song.. again and again..

Such a lovely melody & lyrics..

I've been enjoying series of days of perfect weather of early fall..
all day shiny
not a single cloud
even with pleasant breeze..

But today..
under the glorious sun shine
with couldn't be softer breeze..
I feel too lonely..
Yes.. it's toooooo good..
Thank my Lord.. anyway..

아침 출근 길 내내
도미니끄 란 노래가 머리를 떠나지 않았다.
작게.. 혹은 제 소리를 다해서
휘파람을 불렀다..

집을 나서며,
열차를 기다리며,
지하철을 빠져 나오며
일터에 다다를 때 까지..
내내 휘파람을 불렀다.

수녀님들이 오래 전 불렀던 그 노래가
내 머리에서 떠나지 않았다..

오늘은 날씨가 너무 화창해..
늦 여름의 산들 바람도 너무 부드러워..
무지 무지.. 쓸쓸하다..

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