who designed the gorgeous anatomical structure?!,ROM: Royal Ontario Musium Toronto May 30 2009

The hostile environment hardly to survive might have made them bigger, faster, sharper and stronger.. though the things totally went upside down at the end of their time by external force caused by bombardment of comets on earth..
Ironically only tiny & hairy marsupials survived in the end maybe because they were more enduring against freezing weather and they were more efficient in digesting & converting food into energy and even they were tiny enough to survive with small amount of food..


天氣漏說 Some Toppings for more Fun.., ROM Royal Ontario Museum Bloor Street Toronto May 28 2009

They start swiming in the air, lingering around every corners on the floor and dreaming about the day they resurrect.. when it comes to night..

太古的先輩生物 T-Rex and his Colleagues.., ROM Toronto May 28 2009

When I went to the world biggest museum of Smithsonian in Washington D.C., I spent all of my time only in Natural History Museum out of almost 50 different museums. And I found how attractive works people in the paleontology have been doing for the identification of behavioral details of those extinct creatures long long time ago... couple of tens of million years ago.. I say..

It was really amazing to go through the description on those huge dinosaurs. How they mated, what kind of habitats they maintained, how they digested, how fast they ran to catch a prey... Every possible conceivable details were there for the mysterious monsters with the real scale skeletons.

Yesterday, on a rainy day, I went to the museum in here Toronto. Though the size of the museum is not comparable with the one in Washington at all, the display of the skeletons was excellent and self-explanatory for the Jurassic dominants.

博物館 Royal Ontario Museum: ROM, Bloor Street Toronto May 28 2009

驚異的怪翼龍 Once upon a time in the Sky: Pteodactyl, ROM Toronto May 28 2009

Amazing, amazing!!! Amazingly unbalanced huge skull!!! Amazingly huge eye hole for super-sight!! Amazingly unique panel of horn for stabilization of flight!! What an amazingly sharp, huge, long beak!!!! Wow...

Actually since the center of mass of the flying monsters was nearly on the head side, they needed to use the long wings as arms to stand and walk.
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Xiphactinus Audax, ROM(Royal Ontario Museum) Toronto May 28 2009

What a fantasy I could dream over the skeleton of the early Jurassic monsters.
Xiphactinus!!! Sounds like a name of brother-in-law of Augustinus.. :-)


自殺共和國 Suicide Republic of Korea: the Unhappiest Country in the World

What a really touching picture I found in the Globe and Mail this morning... Out of the context of the tradegy, it's a photography of excellence...

어느 산골 소년의 사랑 이야기..

I utterly have no word to say on this statistics...
Now even a former president wasn't free from the symptom of urging people to kill themselves..
Alas.. and shameful...

Ridiculous educational system makes kids to start searching suicide partners. Jobless graduates kill themselves out of no hope. Devastated movie stars hung their necks over the malicious cyber-attacks based on false rumor. Innocent farmers have no choice but to drink pesticide over the free-trade of grains and meats on a global basis...

But only group of politicians have been immune to the symptom except the former president. No matter how much money they had been bribed, no matter how many people they had killed to get the power, no matter how much pain people in the country have been suffering from their stupid initiatives & dirty struggles among themselves.. they just don't matter.. and they never die...

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