the season is here already.. , Sunnybrook Park Leslie St. Toronto Mar 3 2010

season has come already
as the morning breaks after darkness..

the glittering fluorescent green head
of the wild duck was such full of
nobleness & masculine glory that
I almost bowed at his Majesty.. :p

Prettiest Friend.. Jason Mraz

Andre Gagnon : Comme au Premier Jour

.. such a glorious vitality of a new life..
in which every spring I could share the spirit.

isn't it amazing to see the soft & light green sprout
coming out from the grimness of the long winter..

Happy Easter in Spadina, Spadina Street Toronto Apr 12 2009

a roof top, Kensington Market Spadina Toronto Oct 12 2010

sudden rain led me to Rockers, Graffiti Bar Kensington Sep 2008

I just happened to know the Graffiti Bar in Kensington Street.
At that summer afternoon, there was a rain shower all of a sudden when I walked down the street and I needed some shelter. And Graffiti was there just in front of me and I heard heavy sound of rocks as well! Just what I had been searching for!

From then almost every Saturday I has been sitting or standing with draft beers of Amsterdam for those excellent rock musicians..

비가 후두둑 떨어져 그 비 피해 찾아 들어간 곳
Elvis Presley Boulervard 란 플레이트 걸려 있었다.
그리곤 엘비스 시절의 부드러운 Rock 이 연주 되고 있었고
흥겨운 비트 속의 좁은 Bar 안에선 빼곡히 앉아 있는 사람들의 어깨가 들썩 거리구
친구들과의 시끄럽지만 흥겨운 대화가 오가구..

연주자들의 뒷 벽은 휑하니 뚫여 있어서 지나던 사람들이 그저 발걸음을 멈추고
이들의 훌륭한 연주를 들을수도 있었다.

the Space, Graffiti Bar Kensington Market Toronto Jan 24 2009

Samantha Martin for Roots Music, Graffiti Bar Kensington Toronto Jan 24 2009