wrapping up the year with the fresh oysters.., 'Auld Spot' Danforth Street Toronto Dec 30 2009

It was not a bad combination of side dishes which were
fresh, thin and chewy oysters with crispy fries.

I was getting more addicted to these tiny little shells of oyster
with lemon drops, horse radish and Tabasco sauce.


Drink, Drink, Drink.. Pilgrimage of Bars with Jim & Fellas, 'Dora Keogh', 'Detroit', and 'The Auld Spot' Danforth Street Toronto Dec 23 2009

It was a decent start at the Irish Pub, Dora Keogh.
Couple of glasses of beers for me and Scotchs for Jim.

Then Jim and I went to Detroit where Chris was running..
And I started to try Jinns & Scotches as well as beers.
The intoxication process was quite fast & effective..

Finally we joined again at the Pub of Auld Spot
and enjoyed dishes of natural oysters
with another series of drinks..

Sharing year end spirit with lovely ladies sitting beside us..
I like the fresh natural oysters in Auld Spot
with lemon drops and hot sauce of Tabasco on it..

The photogenic couple of tonight.. :p
He was a professional photographer
working for National Geographics and celebrities..
Chris and his friend.. best pose of tonight.

Jim and the new face..

Two bottles of Bordeaux.. my Christmas present for Jim.

my dear for X-Mas Cantata, Andrew Kim Cathedral Church Don Mills Toronto Dec 24 2009