morning has broken for golfing on Sunday.. :-) , Flemingdon Golf Don Mills Aug 29 2010

Woke up at 5:30 I left home at 6:09 for 6:30 meeting at the country club..
What an early bird on Sunday.. :-)

Feeling of sliding down the road very early in the morning was so different & fresh.

6:45 for Tee-Up.
Watching the guys in front of us walking amid misty fairway was leading me into aesthetic fantasy.. It's rare to have this kind of foggy scene.. only when there is a fair temperature gap between day & night. Keep watching them disappear into the foggy green was quite enjoyable.

3rd Hole is my most favoured hole in Flemingdon. There are two lovely old trees, well located bunker to the right side of the green and a creek just in front of the teeing-ground and most of them all.. the misty air like today..

Reminding firmly the tip for a stable swing, Bummy was trying hard to exercise the practice as he was being told to do from his son who is an amateur golfer seeking a seed to become a professional golfer in Canada.


country club story.. , 'Highland Golf' Bradford Ontario Jun 18 2008

A lovely bird started hovering around the green on top of my head when I stepped onto there for putting..
I used to get some welcome by the local bird.. mostly by geese.. :p

It's a good omen when you see a bird on the putting green.. I believe.. since I had a good memory of getting a birdie for the first time in my life in Melbourne after I saw a bird on the green. :p