Foot Print over Misty Blue Ocean, Over Shanghai China 2006

People at the Station, Eggmore Chennai India 2006

CN Tower high over Union Station, King Street Toronto 2008

People at the Platform in Life, Shinchon Station Seoul Korea 2006

CN Tower high above the Union Station, King Street Toronto 2008

休 the Loose Moose, Pub Restaurant King Street Toronto 2008

孤 People in the City, Subway #3 Station Apgujeong Seoul Korea 2007


熟 Old Contra Bass for Older Man, the Old Jazz Band Peace Hotel Shanghai 2006

사이공 평양 냉면집 미녀.. , Cold Noodle Restaurant run by NK Government Saigon Vietnam 2006

시골역 정취.. , Tadipatri Mumbai-Chennai Express India 2006

a Girl with Mobile, KOEX Mall Seoul Korea 2006

備 Ready for Take-Off, Incheon Korea 2006

影 the Giant Shadows of the Boings, Incheon Korea 2006

景 Aligning the Wing Tip to the Island, Seoul Korea 2006

進 Propulsion, Shanghai to Seoul 2006