Parpunk 박훈규, 이선경 부부 그리고 Archie 김우성 사장, Pub 'Ninano' Hongik Univ. Ave Seoul Korea Jul 28 2009

Video Communication Artist Parpunk 박훈규,
and his wife 선경 as a curator
together with
Archie 김 우성.
These guys are my new friends I made during the trip to my hometown Seoul.

Parpunk 훈규 has been doing excellent job in creating video commercials for Audi, Nike and almost all other multinational giant clients. And he has been leading all the sound & video system for the musicians for concerts of grand scale..
선경 used to work for Samsung Gallery and co-work with her husband now.

Archie 우성 shares lots of common areas of professional career with me as business consultant, architect, marketing program for hp, leading venture company and operating the very much creative space of 'Salon de Factory' for more active fun in life.

One of my lovely outcome of this visit to Korea was to make friends with these good & excellent guys..

See you soon guys and take good care!!

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