the Musicians, 'the Carlizians' Kensington Market Jun 22 Toronto 2008

When I look back all the people I've been interacting so far,
musicians are the least contaminated group of people.
Far detached from any mundane value in the world,
they just focus on their own music and they enjoy.
Not many musicians can live with only money they can earn over performance
so they need to have another work for living. They are happy though.
People look beautiful when they do whatever they really like to do.

For writers, painters or composers, I see lots of pain of creation.
They need to squeeze their brain to create a plot,
to compose a melody or lyric and to create the colors they satisfy.

But the performers, once they initially mastered,
they usually get more matured as they repeat the similar repertoire again and and again.
And their level of satisfaction over their own performance gets higher and higher.

Whenever I have conversation with these guys,
I feel like I talk to lively children. I like them and actually envy them much.

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