The Icy Hot Club..집시 재즈의 유쾌함을 위한 ㅎ

유랑적 삶의 고단함속에서도
춤과 음악의 형식으로 끊임없이 표출되는 자유 분망함 그리고 열정..
수천년의 핍박의 세월을 견뎌오고 있는 로마인들의 후손.. 집시.
집시의 음악적 혈통이 스윙을 만나 태어난 집시 스윙, 집시 재즈..

이들의 리듬이 매우 유쾌하고 신선하다.

Cantina Band from Star Wars

their home page says..

The Icy Hot Club is a Los Angeles-based group that plays Gypsy Jazz music in the style of Django Reinhardt. Our core group consists of two guitars and upright bass, but we may also add violin, clarinet, and/or drums depending on the situation. We play a wide range of material including Gypsy, Pop, and Jazz. Our versatility and extensive repertoire allow us to perform in situations ranging from instrumental background music for a cocktail hour or lounge, to tasteful and danceable music at weddings and dances, to exciting high-energy stage shows at clubs and parties. Please contact us if you are interested in having us perform at your event, and we will bring our taste, excitement, and 1930's style to make your event an unforgettable experience.

Concert at One-Eyed Gypsy in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, December 09, 2011

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