Good Oldies in Mechanical Era, Coldwater Ontario Oct 4 2008

I love these machines. Up until only a couple of decades ago, we had been relying on the purely mechanical devices for farming, transportation or whatever tooling.. 
All of a sudden though,digital world based on semiconductor technology took over all the slow moving, romantic and labor requiring world of mechanics.. All those efforts of oily sweat have been being replaced with just a couple of actions of pressing buttons. Suddenly everything goes so fast.. as fast as light as electrons fly. Decision making goes faster and faster with the backup of all the tremendous amount of information pouring every second from every other countries in the world. Opinion leaders welcome the era of knowledge workers out of labor intensive society. We are forced to using more brain cells than muscles. If we are not diligent enough in utilizing our body, our bone-with-muscle system will degenerate soon so we might have enormous size of brain with tiny bird-chest with long tail for lowering center of mass for the stability of still up-lift walking as we believe & respect Mr. Darwin.. I miss the era of steel and wood on top of our own sweat or effort..

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