A Young Pow Wow Dancer, Cote First Nation SK Mar 23 2013

이 아름다운 인디언 전통 의상을 차려 입은 아이는 너무나 진지 했다. 숙연할 정도로..
작은 어린아이였지만, 그의 율동은 날렵하고 힘이 있었다.

Young Pow Wow Festival의 경연 대회에서 그의 차례에 나서기 직전,
엄마 역시 더한 진지함으로 아이의 의상을 매듭 지었다.

A pow-wow (also powwow or pow wow) is a gathering of North America's Native people. The word derives from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning "spiritual leader". A modern pow-wow is a specific type of event where both Native American and non-Native American people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honor American Indian culture. There is generally a dancing competition, often with significant prize money awarded. Pow-wows vary in length from one day session of five to six hours to three days. Major pow-wows or pow-wows called for a special occasion can be up to one week long. The term also has been used to describe any gathering of Native Americans of any tribe, and as such is occasionally heard in older Western movies. The word has also been used to refer to a meeting, especially a meeting of powerful people such as officers in the military. However, such use can also be viewed as disrespectful to Native culture.

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